The Importance of a Maintenance Schedule

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important for your vehicle. Why? Preventative maintenance helps your vehicle stay on a schedule to help avoid any future problems. Obviously, problems can still occur considering cars are a manmade machine but it’s always good to be aware of things that might not be visible.

So, what does preventative maintenance consist of? The top 3 problem areas according to Car Care Council are engine oil, air filters and coolant. What items usually need to be replaced? Windshield wipers, headlights, and brake lights. Items that should be check frequently are also tire inflation and tread depth.

Lubricants and fluids are important as well. These are the particular ones that are either low, dirty or leaking: windshield, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid. Lubricants and fluids are sometimes what keep a vehicle running smoothly. For example, letting your engine oil run out can completely damage your vehicle.

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General Service Schedule

The Car Care Council has a great General Service Schedule to follow! There are a few items that you should check frequently: dashboard indicator lights, lights, tire inflation and condition, windshield washer fluid and engine oil level. These are known to fluctuate if/when there is a problem. When the Car Care Council took a survey, they found that 89% of vehicles were in need of at least one service or repair, don’t let that be you!

Maintenance Schedule

So why is a maintenance schedule important, you ask? It’s a good visual to keep with you at all time. If a monitor light comes on, you can look back on your sheet and see the last time a certain item was checked or tested. This will help keep your vehicle in tip top shape by staying on top of your schedule. It can help prevent bigger issues from happening if you catch them beforehand. If you are ever interested in selling your car, it can help prove that your vehicle has been properly serviced during your ownership.

If you are a DIY person, this would help keep up with what your last repairs were, what you needed to fix it and when it might need to be checked or replaced in the future. You can sign up with the Car Care Council to receive emails about upcoming maintenance needs.

Click here to register your vehicle for a car care guide.

If you visit your local automotive repair shop, like Bennett’s Automotive, you can keep the printed documents of all your repairs in your glove box! We also send out reminder texts or emails about upcoming maintenance needs. We want what is best for you and your vehicle to keep you smooth sailing on the road.

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