Distracted Driving

Just Drive

Distracted driving sometimes gets the best of us. Whether it’s texting, talking on the phone, or trying to pick your favorite song to play, it distracts your eyes from the road. We want to encourage you to JUST DRIVE and ARRIVE ALIVE. If you feel as if a text or phone call is important to answer or respond to, please pull over to do so unless you are using a wireless device.

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Do Not Disturb

It’s simple. Be the example and put your phone down while driving. If you have the latest iPhone update, activate the “Do Not Disturb” while driving feature! How do you activate the Do Not Disturb option? Simple as this:

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customer Controls
  2. Tap next to Do Not Disturb While Driving

Now you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen and tap  to turn the feature on or off. Example below.

blog - iphone.png

So, here’s what to expect after activating the DND option. Your iPhone will stay silent and the screen stays dark. You can set up an automatic response for anyone who texts you while driving or pull over to the side of the road to check a notification. If your vehicle does not have Bluetooth, it will allow calls from your *Favorites or people who try to call multiple times in a row.

Find more information about the Do Not Disturb option at Apple Support.

Your Next Message Might Be Your Last Message

Doesn’t that phrase give you chill bumps? It should. Did you know that in 2015, 3,477 people were killed, and 391,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashed involving distracted drivers. Cell phone is highest among 16-24-year-old drivers according to NHTSA. Also, female drivers are more likely to be involved in fatal crashed than men.

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Don’t let your next message be your last. Don’t text and drive. Don’t put yourself or others at risk while on the road. Let’s help make a difference and put a stop to distracted driving

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