Winter Car Care Tips

December 2017

Hello December! Oh, how time flies. It has been another pleasant year providing automotive repair services in Middle Tennessee. As we head into 2018, we want to thank you for our 26th year in business! We have enjoyed meeting new customers, serving repeat customers and staying involved within our Smyrna community.

Thank you for choosing Bennett’s Automotive for your automotive repair needs!

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Winter Weather Tips

Looks like our cold weather is here to stay and we want to make sure your vehicle is ready for it. Here are a few items to check off your list before heading into the official winter season.

√ Check the battery

o   A car battery is more likely to die during the harsh cold weather. Cold temperatures are known to slow the chemical reactions that occur inside of a battery, its quality and shortening its lifespan.

√ Change the oil

o   Are you changing your oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles? If the oil is accumulating dirt, it can become less effective at lubricating the internal components.

√ Replace Wiper Blades

o   During the winter season, wiper blades tend to wear down more. This can be a serious hazard in bad weather. Thankfully, replacing your wiper blades is inexpensive and a quick DIY!

√ Check Tire Inflation Levels

o   Check tire levels on a regular basis since the pressure fluctuates more with temperature change. This can cause your car to consume more fuel and increase gas cost.

Check out more information on winter weather tips here.

Pack Your Survival Kit

Every season should require a change of an emergency or “survival kit”. Winter can end up being a real harsh season, so we want to make sure you are prepared for any emergency! Here are a few suggested items to have packed.

winter survival kit.jpg

Cell Phone Charger

√ Portable Air Compressor

√ A Simple Tool Kit: screwdrivers, pliers, an adjustable wrench and duct tape

Safety Absorbent or Cat Litter to Prevent Getting Stuck in Ice.

Jumper Cables

First Aid Kit

Warm Hat and Gloves, Blanket


Automotive Repair

If you are needing any auto repair services before traveling for the holidays, give us a call. We offer all general maintenance work for your vehicle. That includes alignment, brakes, tires, engine and transmission, engine maintenance, transmission services, heating and cooling services, electrical services, and much more.

Our phone number is (615)459-5881.

We are located at 204 Commerce Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167.

Bennett's Automotive Map 2.png


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